CycleDEN Spin Classes…

Combine equal parts dance party, booty kickin’ workout, and positive vibes.  The mood-lit studio provides the optimal experience for you to create your own personal judgement free ride.  Eliminate competition and digital measurement while turning up the fun, the sweat, and the smiles. Our CycleDen spin classes are recipes for a more fit, more upbeat, and more energized you. Sign up for your “New Client Special”!

Can’t make it in studio? No problem all our classes are VIRTUAL too!

The Setting

Spin Classes Denver

The lights are low and the energy is high. Our room is dark with attention being on the instructor. There is nothing digital—no readouts, no meter board, no screens ranking wattage or placement in a peloton…this is about you! The environment creates a personal space for you to focus on your own experience, without competition or judgement. You are free to find your own zone and your own mindful place, while setting your body and spirit alight.

The Music

Spin Class Denver Cycle

We ride to the beat—the music will help carry you through our intervals and take you to your own personal edge. The music is a variety of upbeat and motivating tunes from current hits, 90s pop, 80s house, and even energizing theme rides to mix it up. Think of it as a dance party on a bike as you ride through the rhythm of each new beat.

The Community

Denver Spin Class

From fitness newbies to ultra-athletes, CycleDen welcomes all. We fit each client to his or her bike and help to bring out a better version of each rider. There is something about chasing your personal best while surrounded by others doing the same thing that promotes a sense of community organically. The spirit in the studio is contagious and inspires you to come back for more.

The Instructors

Denver Spin Class Instructors

Experienced, supportive, warm and welcoming—CycleDen instructors will push you to kick it up a notch. We love what we do and are on a mission to inspire each rider to achieve their own personal goals and have fun doing it.

Welcome to CycleDEN, your premier Colorado Spin studio. Click on the classes below to REGISTER.

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