Nutrition is 80% of the equation. Our philosophy is simple: Diets don’t work!

Simple Substitutions are the Key!

Making simple substitutions to your daily diet can prove to be key. That doesn’t necessarily mean cutting back on calories or cutting out foods you love.

“Figuring out what to eat can be extremely difficult. Every time you turn around the media is advertising a “new and improved” weight-loss product or fad diet, but the hard truth is that if it were that easy obesity would not be as significant in our nation as it is today. Good old fashioned exercise and clean eating, while hard at first, can truly help you achieve your goals and develop a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle is the key word: not a fad diet, not some miracle pill, not an unhealthy cleanse. Rather, a real-world way of eating that you and your family can truly enjoy.”

“Your metabolism needs fuel to optimize it. When you restrict calories your metabolism shuts down. Not only that, extended hunger is not sustainable. So on a diet you may lose some weight initially, but then cravings drive you to eat food that will gain that weight back. It’s just not sustainable.”

Change your entire approach to nutrition

What IS sustainable is changing your entire relationship to food and fitness.

We can work with you to change the entire paradigm. We’ll help you shift old patterns into healthy new ones, so that weight loss and fitness are not something that lasts 6 weeks, but rather lasts a lifetime. The best part is that, over time, you won’t miss the unhealthy food that is causing you to gain weight. Because tastes can change.

Yes, you can drink beer and eat chocolate!

Some foods get a bad rap for being “fattening” when in fact they are delicious and satisfying. Lindsay’s approach to nutrition is not about denying yourself foods you love. It’s about learning how to incorporate those foods into overall healthy eating habits. Plenty of fit people drink beer and eat chocolate, and you can too.

In addition to general nutrition coaching, Lindsay specializes in the following areas:

  • Food allergies & sensitivities
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Pediatric nutrition
  • Sports nutrition

Services we offer:

  • Nutrition Consulting – You can meet with a Nutrition Coach or a Registered Dietician to discuss your goals, needs and develop a game plan.
  • Nutrition Seminars – Nutrition classes are held once a month to discuss a variety of topics surrounding healthy eating and healthy living. Plus, you can bring your questions to ask the Nutrition Coach or Registered Dietician.

Contact Lindsay today for free half-hour consult at 720-810-0230 or You have nothing to lose but your fatitude.

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