Our motto at Strength Train 4 Life is “You cannot be physically fit, if you are not mentally fit”. What we mean by this is that if you are spending all your time counting calories and absolutely hating the food and exercise you are doing, there is a huge chance you won’t stick with it. We believe that to be successful in your fitness goals, you must be able to adapt a healthy way of life and enjoy what you are doing, not just a temporary diet.

When clients ask me how alcohol can fit into their diet here are the few tips I give them; first off moderation is key. If you are going to get sloshed every time you go out this will significantly increase your simple carbohydrate intake (sugars) which can affect your metabolism, sabotaging any progress you made in the gym that week. Second, I recommend choosing something you enjoy drinking, taking your time to sip on it. Example: instead of getting a Coors Light (because it’s lower in calories) which you consume four of because they go down like water, choose a craft beer you will take your time with, enjoy and drink fewer of. Finally, make sure your food is on point! If you are going to go out to dinner and enjoy a drink, make sure you get your protein and veggies in, minimize the carbs (pastas, rice, potatoes) and skip dessert. This way you won’t be throwing your nutrition completely off.

Some people have questioned our idea of Brewery Boot Camp, because typically you don’t recommend drinking beer right after finishing a workout – counter productive right? Well not so much anymore. Over the years research is starting to show that consuming alcohol in moderation after a workout may not be so bad. Two reasons, one – there are a certain amount of nutrients in beer and it can re-hydrate your body if it’s not too high in alcohol content. Two – most people who consume beer in moderation actually stick with their workouts as compared to others. This may be due to the “guilt” factor, but it seems to keep people moving regularly. Therefore why not challenge your body with a hard workout (such as Brewery Boot Camp) and treat yourself to a fantastic Colorado Craft beer afterwards?


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