Who says you can’t enjoy the sweeter treats in life and still get fit?

We at Brewery Boot Camp love to enjoy those “guilty pleasures,” like having a beer once in a while, because those are the things that make our workouts worth it. However, don’t take our word for it.
Let our participants tell you their stories!

Kelsie’s Story

I started going to Brewery Bootcamp in April of 2017, after a year of “I’ll go next month”. I hated working out and running but loved drinking beer so figured this would be an easy way to get back into being healthy. It was anything but easy and yet I was hooked on it almost immediately thanks to the amazing trainers, fellow attendees and discounted beers after the workout (which I never refused). After building up to twice a week Bootcamps (sometimes more), cutting out fried food, and signing up for the Brewery Bootcamp Spartan Sprint Team, I am down 30 pounds and 4 dress sizes!!! My Fit4Life journey is far from over, but now I look forward to enjoying many more opportunities to Earn My Beer with Brewery Bootcamp!

Cory & Jen’s Story

We love Brewery Bootcamp for the work outs, beer, and ultimately the people we’ve met. Paul and Lindsay are great at kicking our tails and are wonderful people and friends. The trainers are motivating without being intimidating. The other participants all vary in ability, but no one has an ego. Everyone works hard and encourages you- whether you can do 50 push ups or can barely do 1. We’ve made amazing friends at the work outs— we even had the boot camp crew at our wedding.

Lindsay and Paul helped us get in shape for our wedding this year and we looked pretty damn good! We certainly earned our beer and hurt muscles we didn’t know we had. Jen has noticed she has increased upper body strength and stronger legs- which has benefited her running, too. She has lost weight and gained muscle. Cory’s motivation is beer. Might as well burn some calories first.

Cory’s favorite brewery/beer: Diebolt Chin Chin and anything at Comrade.

Jen’s favorite brewery/beer: Chain Reaction Slaughter Melon and Dry Dock Imperial Pumpkin

David’s Story

Shortly after moving to Colorado, my girlfriend and I started attending Brewery Boot Camp. My favorite part about boot camp is how friendly and welcoming the trainers and attendees are during and after workouts. I really don’t spend any time on the scale lately and more so to judge my appearance in the mirror.  Starting boot camp I was above 230lbs and I have lost over 10lbs. Plus to best part is getting to enjoy a well-earned beer after the workout. My overall favorite beer is the banana hefeweizen, but my all-time favorite is Dry Dock Brewing’s Apricot Blonde.