Boot Camp

Our total body boot camp classes are designed for people of all fitness levels. From your beginners to your avid athletes, we will make sure you achieve your fitness goals. Everyday you will have a new workout and you will never overload your muscles through our specialized fitness programming. 

Combine equal parts dance party, booty kickin’ workout, and positive vibes.  The mood-lit studio provides the optimal experience for you to create your own personal judgement free ride.  Eliminate competition and digital measurement while turning up the fun, the sweat, and the smiles. Our CycleDen spin classes are recipes for a more fit, more upbeat, and more energized you.

Our approach is totally tailored to your fitness goals, and you will be matched with a personal trainer according to their sport and area of expertise. And our philosophy is “you cannot be physically fit unless you are mentally fit,” so we always emphasize fun and good times. We train everyone from ex-Olympians to fitness newbies in a supportive, inspiring environment.

What we can help you do

  • Lose Weight

  • Gain Muscle

  • Tone Up

  • Feel healthier

  • Increase Energy

In today’s world finding a fitness home can feel intimidating and impersonal. At Colorado Fitness Headquarters we provide community based fitness programs where everyone can feel stronger, accepted, and supported. We do this to help you create a healthier and happier version of yourself.

All of our Personal Trainers, Spin Instructors and staff are here to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Meet the Owners

Colorado Fitness Headquarters was opened in January 2018 by owners Lindsay and Paul Chavez, as an amazing space to train clients and provide amazing fitness classes for the community. HQ is also known as the Brewery Boot Camp Headquarters, because of the Brewery Boot Camp program Paul and Lindsay officially started in December 2015. Both trainers and beer brewers, they loved to help family and friends with their fitness on the weekends. Many times, these workouts were held at local parks, but with the ever-changing Colorado weather they sometimes had to cancel. Not to mention most of the time, friends and family would celebrate their workout with a “post-workout beer”. Therefore, they thought why not bring two of Colorado’s best together – fitness and beer! With their growing brewery fitness program, they needed a place to train clients and offer more classes – viola! – Colorado Fitness Headquarters. The CycleDEN spin studio was added in November of 2019 to provide an amazing addition to our class options for our members.


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Meet the Trainers